Semester Update (24 November 2013)

Moving to Thanksgiving week and nearing the end of classes, here is a semester update of where I stand on the current independent study moving and setting up servers, and where I plan to go from here.

I’ll start by covering some of the tasks we have accomplished with the computer science servers.

  1. We have successfully installed and setup a new server for computer science
    1. Running on a newer version of VMWare
    2. Server installed on CentOS 6.4
    3. Used to host computer science wiki and blog
  2. Moved over computer science blog and plugins
  3. Changed IP for machines
  4. Git server setup (with Chad)
  5. Install base systems on computer science cluster

Although this list appears to be in a good place, there is still a good amount of work that needs to be done with the time we have left this semester. Setting up the base system on the machines in the computer science server room was a good start to building a Hadoop cluster, but the real work lies in setting up the cluster itself and learning how it operates. After installing the cluster on the host machines, I plan on looking into how faculty can use the cluster for examples in class as well as some good assignment ideas, but that will be dealt with after the cluster itself is setup. The remaining list and order looks something like this:

  1. Present on current status of Independent Study
  2. Installing Hadoop cluster on machines
    1. Write and update documentation of the install
  3. Testing for any conflicts with Eucalyptus Cluster (with Chad)
  4. Testing and developing practical understanding of Hadoop cluster
  5. Developing examples/assignments professor’s can use with the Hadoop cluster

The first item on the list is to present what I’ve been doing this semester at the presentation computer science is holding to go over independent studies and internships (3 December 2013, ST-107). This is a good time to share with other students and faculty what’s been going on this semester and what plans I have for continuing the work.

It may be a bit difficult to finish the planned material before the end of finals (19 December 2013), but I will be continuing to work until the work is complete. More updates will continue as tasks on the list are completed.

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