Successful Move of the Blog and Wiki

I am pleased to report a seamless move to the new wiki and blog server for the Worcester State University Computer Science Department! After collaborating with Dr. Karl R. Wurst and Chad Day, we moved the ip of the old wiki and blog server to the new server and assigned another ip to the old one. After running tests on both the wiki and the blog, and are working as expected.

At this point in the semester, the blog and wiki have been migrated to an updated operating system. However, we are still looking into some possibilities on how to secure the wiki from potential spammers. One such way is to look into the code and limit email registration to the domain, which will be looked into by Chad. The git server is up and running and the CS department is in the process of testing it for usage in classes for homework submission and a good way to teach version control early in the major.

Looking forward, Chad and I will be building two clusters with the Computer Science machines, an Eucalyptus cluster and a Hadoop cluster to be used throughout the semester. Before we install the software on the machines, we must investigate the best solution for sharing hardware. We currently have nine machines at our disposal, and we must partition them for the clusters. The possibilities have investigated so far include:

  1. Splitting the physical allotment in half –  4 machines for each cluster
  2. Installing the correct services along side each other, each cluster share the nine machines and share resources
  3. Installing a virtual host on the machines and running two machines on each host, each cluster would have 9 machines and share resources, but would remain independent of each other.

We should have a strategy and start formatting the host machines by the end of next week, followed by another update.

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