Migration of cs.worcester.edu/blog

One of the tasks for this fall semester for the server migration/creation study was to move the Worcester State Computer Science blog to a new server alongside a new wiki platform. For both servers, WordPress will be used to manage the blogs, and all posts will be aggregated from other sites. In moving the blog to a new server the following steps were followed:

  1. Investigate the structure of the original server
    1. Web directory stored in a separate lampp folder
    2. MySQL server run from lampp folder
  2. Choose a structure for the new server
    1. Use a standard install of MySQL and Apache
    2. Set up Apache configuration that will work when the ip is changed
    3. Create a MySQL database that matches old server
    4. Create a MySQL user with the same credentials and permissions as the old server
  3. Move the old web directory to the new server
  4. Move the database to the new server
    1. Make a database dump of the WordPress database
    2. Move dump to new server and restore to newly created database
  5. Check that web directory works as expected with migrated database settings
  6. Find admin and home URLs settings in database and update them through the database
    1. This allows you to use the admin page on the new server instead of redirecting to the old admin page
    2. Change any necessary settings on the new page
  7. Run a final test to make sure everything is up to date

Following the steps above, the migration of the server was straightforward and was about ready for an ip change. The only issue with the migration was the updating of the pages (ex. Order of the Rubber Duck) did not carry over. After investigating the database for possible URL conflicts a few settings were changed with URL and as soon as a scheduled check was run by WordPress, the pages were restored. 

A final check was made with the blogs, navigation and aggregation are all set, and a scheduled update of the ip address to match cs.worcester.edu will occur tomorrow, October 25, 2013. After the ip has been migrated a thorough check will be made and if everything is a success, the new server will be used for the blogs.


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